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Del Stark

Del Stark

CEO, European Nanotechnology Trade Alliance (ENTA)

Risks of Nanotechnology from an environmental and health perspective

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A BSC Hons graduate in two degrees (Chemistry and Mathematics) from Regis University, Denver.

Del Stark is the CEO of the European Nanotechnology Trade Alliance (ENTA), a body which represents the interests of its members, mainly nanotechnology businesses, across Europe. ENTA compromises of over 30 members, all with a business interest in nanotechnology.

ENTA acts to bridge the gap between industry, governments, science, and importantly, the public. It promotes the benefits of nanotechnology, while supporting all actions that ensure new nanotechnologies are developed in a safe and responsible manner. ENTA works closely with the media and government bodies to express the nanotechnology industry’s views and needs, on for example, legislation, standards, standard operating procedures, and public support.

ENTA currently has over 30 members who are all highly influential in the nanotechnology industry and is recruiting new members routinely. Members include large corporations with a nanotechnology interest, such as ICI, Proctor and Gamble and Unilever, as well as innovative new start-up companies such as pSiMedica, nextnano3, AQUANOVA and Capsulution NanoScience.

Previous roles include Science Communicator at Glasgow University Science   Technology Outreach Programme. Between 1997   2000, Del was Marketing   Business Development Co-ordinator with the Centre for Particle Characterisation   Analysis (CPCA) at the University of Paisley, before moving to Glasgow Science Centre as Business Motivation Executive.

Since 2001, Del has been Business Development Manager with the Institute of Nanotechnology. Responsibilities have included the development of EuroNanoForum 2005 and the launch and ongoing support for NanoMicroClub. He also carried out a full feasibility study for the creation of a Scottish Nanotechnology Enterprise Centre at Glasgow University. In 2005 Del become Chief Executive of ENTA.

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