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Andreas Jordan

Andreas Jordan

CEO, MagForce Nanotechnologies AG

MagForce's Nano Cancer Therapy - a Revolutionary Approach

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Dr. Andreas Jordan, born in 1959, started his career with biology studies at Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin, FU) and supplementary studies in biochemistry at Technische Universität Berlin (Technical University of Berlin). His excellent and broadly appraised doctorate completed in 1993 already attended to the production of nanoparticles and their use in the cancer therapy. The paper was based on research projects, which started as early as in 1985  long before the topic nanotechnology acquired international significance. Activities in the scientific project management for the Virchow Clinic of the FU (now Charité) as well as for the Schering subsidiary Institut für Diagnostikforschung (Institute for Diagnostics Research) followed. After further positive research results with the nanotechnology-based cancer therapy founded and developed by Dr. Jordan, he founded the company for medical technology “MFH Hyperthermiesysteme GmbH”. From then on, this company attended to the production and commercialization of a magnetic field applicator for the new nanotechnology-based cancer therapy. After further numerous discoveries in the field of coating of nanoparticles, Dr. Jordan founded the MagForce Applications GmbH for the production and commercialization of tumor-specific nanoparticles in the year 2000. In 2001, the foundation of the MFH Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia GmbH, a financial holding for the mutual commercialization of the MFH and MagForce products, followed.

With the successful completion of the second financing round in July 2004, the two historically grown companies were united in a financial holding and renamed MagForce Nanotechnologies GmbH, which became a stock corporation (AG) in 2005. With this round, the Nanostart AG is the new investor and member of the company. It is planned to enter the market with the nanotechnology-based cancer therapy of MagForce Nanotechnologies in the near future.

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