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2006 Nanotechnology Courses - Washington DC

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I really enjoyed the meeting. It was the most highly concentrated example of good people I have seen. Too often meeting organizers tend to "staple together" contributions without actively assembling the very best speakers they can. Not so for NSTI
Both of my interactions with NSTI have served as excellent examples that clearly demonstrate an attention to detail on your part that I admire a lot. You all deserve a lot of credit for the good work and I was simply pleased to be a part of such a fun program.
Patrick T. Spicer, Procter and Gamble Company
My business associate Roger Smith and I attended the Summit in Alexandria and wanted to express to NSTI that we learned a tremendous amount of information from the classes and speakers at the Summit. I especially want to thank Wofgang Bacsa, Daneil Resasco, and Meyya Meyyappan for the course on Carbon Nanotubes. Originally we were concerned that the information might be presented at too high an academic level and found that both the pace and content were excellent. Personally, I recommend that companies, academic organizations, and government organizations that need to have a better understanding of this exciting field start with your format.
Thanks again for the great experience.

Wayne Whitt President, Idaho Space Materials, Inc
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