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Wireless Sensor Networks — System Design and Applications

Robert M. Newman,

Robert M. Newman,

Head of Creative Computing
Coventry University, UK

Robert Newman is currently Head of Creative Computing at Coventry University. His research career has covered two major areas of activity. The first area is design systems, particularly in the engineering industries. This work has involved four major projects, three funded by the European Union and one by the EPSRC, and involving major industrial collaborators including Ford, Rolls-Royce PLC, Volkswagen, BMW, BAE Systems and EADS. The general aim of this work has been the development of IT systems which promote the information flows and transformations required between different communities within the engineering development process. The second research area is pervasive computing, particularly the system design of distributed intelligent systems, and their application, which in recent years has been directed towards the design of very large wireless intelligent sensor networks. Within this domain he has focussed on hardware/software interface issues, application of Computer Science theory and formal methods to the production of reliable distributed sensor systems, and , drawing from his previous experience in design engineering, the design of middleware systems which provide a system interface suitable for the user communities involved in wireless sensor applications. He has managed and produced successful research proposals of a value greater than £500 000 from the EPSRC and the European Union and has included the support of a number of major industrial concerns. He has produced 80 refereed publications and has served on the programme committee of five major international conferences. He is also a member of the UK DTI Foresight Vehicle Steering Committee for Design and Manufacturing Processes (DMAP).

Speaking in the special symposium on Sensors & Systems.

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