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Nanotech 2014 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2014 Vol. 3
Nanotechnology 2014: Electronics, Manufacturing, Environment, Energy & Water
Chapter 6: Energy Storage

Secondary Use Energy Storage

Authors:M. Starke, P. Irimger, B. Ollis, G. Andrews, P. Karlson, S. Thabiappah, P. Rosenfeld, S. Massin,
Affilation:Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
Pages:485 - 488
Keywords:secondary use, batteries, controls
Abstract:This study presents the testing of a community energy storage system composed of repurposed used electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (EV/PHEV) battery packs. The expectation is that the vehicular batteries will be replaced with a fresh battery pack by the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) once their performance (storage capacity and peak power capability) decrease to its 80% of the initial performance. Community energy storage (CES) systems can be a feasible application of these after vehicle batteries due to economic and environmental reasons. These batteries, if their power electronic interfaces are controlled properly, can perform many grid support applications or provide grid ancillary services as will be detailed in this study. The testing configuration along with results of testing will be discussed.
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