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Nanotech 2014 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2014 Vol. 3
Nanotechnology 2014: Electronics, Manufacturing, Environment, Energy & Water
Chapter 1: Nano, Organic, Flexible & Printed Electronics

Stretchable Electronics

Authors:J. Liang, L. Li, J. Hajagos, X. Niu, Z. Yu, Q. Pei
Affilation:University of California, Los Angeles, US
Pages:69 - 70
Keywords:stretchable electronics, transparent conductor, elastomeric sensor
Abstract:The emergence of devices that combine elasticity with electronic or optoelectronic properties offers exciting new opportunities for applications, but brings significant materials challenges. We will report (1) an elastomeric transparent conductor as a radically new electronic material for thin film stretchable electronics, (2) a highly flexible transparent capacitive sensor for the detection of deformation and pressure, and (3) an elastomeric polymer light emitting device, all by simple, all-solution based processes.
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