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Nanotech 2013 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2013 Vol. 1
Nanotechnology 2013: Advanced Materials, CNTs, Particles, Films and Composites (Volume 1)
Chapter 3: Carbon Nano Structures & Devices

A Novel Catalytic Synthesis Method of Carbon Nanomaterials in the Organic Liquids

Authors:H. Gamo, T. Ando, M. Nishitani-Gamo
Affilation:Toyo University, JP
Pages:265 - 267
Keywords:carbon, nanomaterials, organic liquids, catalyst
Abstract:We have developed a novel catalytic method for synthesizing a wide variety of carbon nanomaterials in the organic liquids. There is no need for a vacuum reactor. The method realized a simple, speedy, and a high-purity growth of aligned carbon nanotubes in alcohol liquids. At the interface between the liquid and the catalyst-supported substrate surface, a large gradient of the temperature exists. The nonequilibrium condition is a characteristic feature of the liquid phase synthesis method. This method is superior to a gas phase synthesis methods as it allows to use various choices of the organic liquids. An organic liquids including various functional groups, such as –NH2, -SH, and –OH, suggesting that the carbon sources are expected to realize a certain impurity doping into the grown nanomaterials. Kinds of catalyst metal also affect the structure of the grown carbon materials, i.e. the combination of a carbon source and a catalyst metal leads to a great variety of morphologies. In this study, we investigated to grow and control the various morphologies of the grown materials by using octane(C8H18), 1-octanol (CH3(CH2)7OH; OcOH), and methanol for a carbon source.
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