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Nanotech 2013 Vol. 1
Nanotech 2013 Vol. 1
Nanotechnology 2013: Advanced Materials, CNTs, Particles, Films and Composites (Volume 1)
Chapter 1: Nanoscale Materials Characterization

Characterizing Thermal Diffusivity of Synthetic Spider Silk using Improved Transient Electrothermal Technique

Authors:T. Munro, C. Xing, C. Jensen, C. Copeland, H. Ban, R. Lewis
Affilation:Utah State University, US
Pages:183 - 186
Keywords:thermal properties, transient electrothermal technique, synthetic spider silk
Abstract:This paper presents results for the thermal diffusivity of a synthetically produced spider silk. This synthetic spider silk is being developed for lightweight thermal management applications. Additionally, an improved method for measurement of the thermal properties of thin fibers, with application to the characterization of micro/nano-wire thermal properties is presented.
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