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Nanotech 2012 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2012 Vol. 2
Nanotechnology 2012: Electronics, Devices, Fabrication, MEMS, Fluidics and Computational (Volume 2)
Chapter 5: Micro & Nano Fluidics

All-In-Polymer Injection Molded Device for Single Cell Capture Using Multilevel Silicon Master Fabrication

Authors:S. Tanzi, S.T. Larsen, M. Matteucci, R. Taboryski
Affilation:Technical University of Denmark, DTU Nanotech, DK
Pages:376 - 379
Keywords:single cell assay, microfluidics, injection molding
Abstract:This work demonstrates a novel all-in-polymer device for single cell capture applicable for biological recordings. The chip is injection molded and comprises a “cornered” (non planar) aperture. Zanetti et al. have reported that mammalian cells can be trapped to a micro hole using this kind of apertures. Cornered apertures are straightforward to mold in PDMS. In this study we demonstrate cornered apertures made in a thermoplastic polymer platform. One of the advantages of cornered apertures is the ease of microscopy under a standard inverted optical microscope, when using transparent materials. After the part is injection molded, the sealing of the chip is performed by thermal bonding to a commercially available polymer sheet, so the complete device results from only two parts. The device includes Luer fitting ports to allow direct access to the microfluidics and it differs from similar devices in the novel material and fabrication platform that enables high reproducibility and inexpensive mass production.
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