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Nanotech 2009 Vol. 2
Nanotech 2009 Vol. 2
Nanotechnology 2009: Life Sciences, Medicine, Diagnostics, Bio Materials and Composites
Chapter 2: Drug Delivery

Novel Cleavable PEGylated Liposomes for Enzyme Triggerable Release of Nucleic Acid in Tumours

Authors:P. Yingyuad, A. Miller, M. Thanou
Affilation:Imperial College Genetic Therapies Centre, UK
Pages:108 - 110
Keywords:liposomes, triggerable release, nucleic acid delivery, tumours
Abstract:We have developed a dePEGylation approach based on the activity of the proteolytic enzymes that are associated with tumour cells. The elevated enzyme activity facilitates the extravasation of the cells by degrading the extracellular matrix barriers. We can take advantage of this enhanced enzymatic action to activate the dePEGylation and hence enhance liposomal fusion in order to improve the delivery of therapeutic agent directly to tumour cells. The aims of the project are to synthesize the PEGylated peptide-lipid by introducing a peptide linker, which is a specific enzyme substrate, between PEG polymer and a lipid and to develop enzyme-triggerable liposome containing the PEGylated peptide-lipid for nucleic acid delivery to tumour cells.
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