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Nanotech 2005 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2005 Vol. 3
Technical Proceedings of the 2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 3
Chapter 1: Nanoscale Device and Process Modeling

2D Quantum Mechanical Device Modeling and Simulation: Single and Multi-fin FinFET

Authors:K. Kim, I-S Park and T. Won
Affilation:Inha University, KR
Pages:87 - 90
Keywords:double-gate MOSFET, short-channel effect
Abstract:We propose a novel device structure (Si1-xGex/Si/Si1-xGex hetero-structure), which is called “center-channel (CC) double-gate (DG) MOSFET, ”. The device performance of the proposed FET structure was investigated with our two-dimensional quantum-mechanical simulator which is based upon the self-consistent solution of Poisson-Schrödinger equations and the current continuity equation [1]. The CC operation of CC-NMOS is confirmed by considering the band lineups as well as the lowest energy wave function. Especially, the lowest energy wave function of CC-MOSFET is carefully compared with those of the conventional DG-NMOS in order to observe the distinct feature of the proposed FET structure. Furthermore, device optimization for the CC operation and short-channel effects (SCE) was performed in terms of Ge concentration, gate length (Lg), and Si1-xGex/Si/Si1-xGex scale variation.
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