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Nanotech 2004 Vol. 3
Nanotech 2004 Vol. 3
Technical Proceedings of the 2004 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show, Volume 3
Chapter 3: Atomic and Mesoscale Modelling of Nanoscale Phenomena

A Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensor for Measuring Forces Developed by Cells

Authors:C. Roman, F. Ciontu and B. Courtois
Affilation:TIMA Laboratory, FR
Pages:95 - 98
Keywords:nanotechnology, carbon nanotubes, force sensor, molecular dynamics, multi-terminal conductance, Green functions, cell membranes, actin polymerization, atomic force microscopy
Abstract:We propose and validate through atomistic modeling and simulation a novel carbon nanotube-based sensor for measuring forces in the pico-Newton range, distributed over lengths ranging from nano-meters up to micro-meters. The mechanical behavior is modeled with molecular dynamics while the electrical transport phenomena are tackled with a Green's function-based technique. The modeled device proves its fitness for biological force measurements, although it can be easily adapted in the future to produce next-generation lateral force microscopes.
A Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensor for Measuring Forces Developed by CellsView PDF of paper
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