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MSM 98
MSM 98
Technical Proceedings of the 1998 International Conference on Modeling and Simulation of Microsystems
Chapter 8: Software Systems and Tools

DOPDEES/PMM: A System for Portable Model Description

Authors:A.H. Gencer and S.T. Dunham
Affilation:Boston University, US
Pages:398 - 401
Keywords:process modeling, partial differential equations, process simulator
Abstract:We have developed a multi-purpose partial differential equation solver, DOPDEES, which is capable of solving initial value problems in one spatial dimension using a finite differences method. The system of partial fferential equations is specified using a "dial-anoperator" paradigm, and the program uses Tcl as a front end. DOPDEES has commands for structure generation and modification, as well as features that make simulation of time-varying parameters (e.g. temperature ramps) possible. The solver is fast and suitable for use as a process simulator and model test bed in 1-D. Process Modeling Modules (PMM) is a framework for platform-independent scriptization of commonly encountered models in the process modeling community. PMM frees the user from the burden of specifying all equations and parameters for commonly known models, but still retains the power to specify arbitrary equations and models. It also provides a framework for transferring models directly from the university to the industry, without the need for a vendor to implement those models in a commercial process simulator.
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