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Insert Therapeutics Treats Its First Patient With Anti-Cancer Nano Treatment

Company commercializing delivery-enhanced therapeutics using a patented class of polymeric systems, has treated its first patient in a Phase I study.
Insert Therapeutics, which holds a proprietary, nano-engineered, polymeric delivery system, has treated its first patient in a Phase I study of IT-101, Insert's lead anti-cancer compound. The clinical trial is focused on delivering the anti-cancer compound to patients with “all kinds of solid tumors on the condition they meet the usual inclusion/exclusion criteria,” explains Dr. Thomas Schluep, Sc.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Insert Therapeutics.

The company anticipates between 24 and 48 patients will be accrued in this trial, which is being conducted at The City of Hope Cancer Center in California. There are no current plans to replicate this study in other treatment centers, but Dr. Schluep tells NWN, “Depending on the total number of patients required and the speed of patient accrual, we may do this in the future.”RSS feed of Nano World News

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