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Department of Energy (DOE):

DOE, Small Scale Coal-Biomass to Liquids (CBTL) Production and Feasibility Study of a Commercial Scale CBTL Facility

Deadline: June 7, 2012

National Energy Technology Laboratory

Domestically abundant coal has the potential to be a significant primary energy source for the production of liquid fuels, particularly when energy security is a driver. Furthermore, coal mixed with optimum levels of biomass can reduce the carbon footprint of coal-biomass-to-liquid (CBTL) fuels processes. A recent National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) study has indicated that addition of moderate amounts of biomass to coal for the production of liquids can substantially reduce Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) CO2 emissions relative to a petroleum diesel baseline. As an example, 20% less CO2 is produced with 8% biomass addition, with Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) with CO2 utilization. Therefore, projects selected under this proposed action will directly support the mission of the Coal Program to ?ensure the availability of near-zero atmospheric emission, abundant and affordable, domestic energy to fuel economic prosperity, strengthen energy security, and enhance environmental quality.?

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