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Fujitsu Partners With Several of the World’s Largest Electronics Companies to Standardize Semiconductor Process Technology

NWN Hears from Fujitsu About This Partnership and What It Means for Next Generation LSI.
Fujitsu announced this month that it will enter a partnership with NEC Electronics, Renesas, and Toshiba to standardize semi process technology. The agreement reached between the companies will allow for cross-company access to the research and IP. This type of partnership will be beneficial for the companies involved and the Japanese semi industry as a whole.

Fujitsu Limited Public and Investor Relations tells NWN, “Fujitsu has thus far participated in the past for standardization within the Japanese semiconductor industry for 130nm and 90nm processes - it is generally understood that for 45nm and beyond, process technologies will be much more complicated than for previous generations. Fujitsu feels that standardization of design rules will be beneficial for facilitating product development and thus we decided to participate in the joint effort of standardization of design technologies.”

The goal of the companies is to define standardized specifications by the end of 2006. Fujitsu told the NWN that while “it is undetermined at this time specifically what resources or funds that each participating company will contribute, each company will contribute appropriate funding accordingly and as necessary.”RSS feed of Nano World News

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