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Collection of Current Essays Paint an Integrated Picture of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology: Science, Innovation and Opportunity Outlined In New Textbook
This new textbook is currently available on nanotechnology and its commercialization opportunities. It is a collection of current essays by leaders representing various disciplinary fields and industries, and is written at a level that tries to bridge the gap between business and academic readers.

The book’s overall theme is outlined by Editor Lynn Foster, who states that nanotechnology holds even greater potential than biotechnology or information technology in the long term, but that "the tempo of technology is not set by the velocity of novel discoveries, but rather by the pace of what the market will embrace and pay for."

The book’s chapters are divided into four sections: The Development Drivers section includes topics in innovation, such as Nobel Laureate Richard Smalley's message on the potential of Nanotechnology to solve the world's energy needs. Peter Coffee writes on nanotechnology being an overall trend rather than a “tech fad.”

The Players section authored by business leaders outlines where the field is going and why. Venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson writes on the commercialization of nanotechnology, and Jeff Lawrence and Larry Bock write on the role of entrepreneurs. This section also outlines how technology transfer occurs with university IP.

Materials and Industries covers specific industries and research disciplines such as nanoscale materials (contributed by Mark Reed, ZL Wang, Brent Segal, and several others), sensors (Dave Nagel), microelectronics (Axel Scherer and Steve Goodnick), drug delivery (Suzie Hwang Pun) and bio-nano-information fusion (Chih-Ming Ho).

Convergence & Integration presents ideas about convergence and ethical considerations. An epilogue features the text of a prescient talk by Richard Feynman made 13 years after his seminal "Plenty of Room at the Bottom" presentation. Feynman revisits his original talk and expands his thoughts on the future of microfabrication.

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