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New Zealand's Izon Science Opens New US Headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts

At the official opening, Izon also sponsored an Inter-University Nanotechnology Measurement Championship between Harvard University, MIT, Boston University and the University of Massachusetts

Story content courtesy of Izon Science, NZ

Izon Science is a nanotechnology instrument manufacturer with clients in 23 countries. Izon believes their instruments offer improvements over previously available techniques and are used for research in a number of fields including drug delivery, hematology, biomedical diagnostics, and vaccine development.

As part of the opening ceremonies, researchers from Harvard University, MIT, Boston University and the University of Massachusetts raced each other to accurately measure a complex set of nanoparticles in real time. The winner was Dr. Meridith Mintzer from Boston University, a Postdoctoral Fellow from the laboratory of Professor Mark Grinstaff.

Hans van der Voorn, Executive Chairman of Izon Science, noted in the release, "We've located ourselves amongst a thriving life sciences community, which is also the premier academic community in the world. Being located in Cambridge allows us to share research ideas, build relationships, and develop new opportunities and products, both within Massachusetts and the rest of the U.S."

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center helped bring Izon Science to Cambridge, first meeting with Izon at a conference last year.

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