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Graphene + Water=Super Battery!

Monash University research team believes mixing graphite and water could create a gel-like super battery that could someday charge a mobile device in a few seconds.
The Monash University research team is being led by Associate Professor of Engineering Dr. Dan Li. Dr. Li and his team are focusing on graphene sheets for advanced energy storage because of the materials’ strength, chemical stability, high surface area, and is also an excellent conductor of electricity. To be able to take two inexpensive materials-graphite and water-and create a grapheme gel capable of both holding a charge and delivering a charge is an amazing breakthrough. By keeping the grapheme in a gel form, the moist properties of the grapheme provides friction between the sheets and prevents re-stacking—two areas that have prevented grapheme from being used for energy storage. Dr. Li sees the graphene gel applications going beyond consumer electronics, and has been testing it for use in water purification systems and sensors.RSS feed of Nano World News

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