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Nanotechnology Inspired by Mantis Shrimp

nanoLambda announces world’s smallest spectrumsensor™

Story content courtesy of nanoLambda, US

nanoLambda, Inc., an advanced nano sensor startup, notes that its spectrumsensor™ sample is now available to potential customers and development partners for alpha test, with more broad availability expected in the second half 2011. The spectrumsensor™ is described by the company as the world’s smallest spectrometer-on-a-chip, which can be used not only for bio-chemical detection and wearable health monitoring, but also for accurate color and light measurement of consumer electronics devices.

Examples include, but are not limited to, camera, TV or LED lightings to enable accurate and consistent colors across devices and applications.

Bill Choi, CEO of nanoLamda, notes “We learned from the mantis shrimp, which has arguably the most complicated visual system of any animal on Earth. The mantis shrimp has 12 color channels ranging from ultra-violet to infra-red, and can even see both linear and circular polarized light, which is remarkable. Humans only have 3 color channels. Using nanotechnology and the brain power of intelligent software, we are trying to catch up with this little guy’s vision capabilities.”

NWN news note: nanoLambda has been selected to present at several NSTI Nanotech Venture Forums in California, Massachusetts, and Texas. To view nanoLambda’s profile, please visit:

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