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Aphios Receives Federal Grant to Develop Alzheimer’s Nanodrug

Company is receiving Fast Track SBIR Grant for Phase I of its R&D

Aphios is able to manufacture pharmaceutical-grade APH-0703 following cGMP guidelines utilizing a novel manufacturing technology. Researchers have demonstrated that APH-0703 to be effective in producing a neuroprotective effect, and can also enhance cognition when tested in mice models. Aphios has patent-protected methods to transform the APH into phospholipid nanosomes that can be utilized to enhance its effectiveness and reduce toxicity, but also deliver the APH into polymer nanospheres for oral delivery and bioavailability. The SBIR grant will fund several areas for the company, including the continued development and evaluation of both conventional and nanotechnology formulations of APH-0703, and drafting of the Investigational New Drug (IND) package for the FDA.

NWN Note: Aphios was a winner of a Venture Award at the 2007 TechConnect-Cleantech Ventures Summit in Santa Clara, CA, US. The 2011 TechConnect Ventures is coming to the Hynes Convention Center in Boston June 14-16, 2011. To submit a Venture for conference consideration, visit:

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