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California Researchers Successfully Grow Bone Cells on CNTs

NWN Hears from Lead Researcher Dr. Laura Zanello, PhD, University of California-Riverside, About This Medical Research Breakthrough.
A research team led by Dr. Laura Zanello at the University of California, Riverside published findings this month that show for the first time that bone cells are able to grow on carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Carbon nanotubes were found by the researchers to be of high quality for bone cells to grow on. Dr. Zanello’s research findings build on previous research on CNTs and how they are compatible with bone cells by Dr. Robert C. Haddon, Distinguished Professor of Chemistry and of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at UC Riverside.

Dividing osteoblast on multi-walled CNTs
(Source: Dr. Laura Zanello, University of California-Riverside)

Advancements in CNT have allowed researchers to expand its use in biomedical applications. The ability to grow bone cells on carbon nanotubes is now possible because of “how the fabrication of CNT has improved over time,” notes Dr. Laura Zanello, Assistant Professor at the UC Riverside and lead researcher for this project. “The most inspiring features of CNTs for biological applications include the possibility to modify them chemically, and therefore to make them more or less hydrophyllic, and better or worse electric conductors,” said Dr. Zanello.

Mineralized matrix found in single-walled CNT cultures
(Source: Dr. Laura Zanello, University of California-Riverside)

Now that the researchers have discovered that bone cells can grow on high purity CNTs, the research team “hope[s] to be able to maintain bone cell cultures on CNTs for longer periods of time, and further characterize the ultrastructure of the matrix produced by the cells in vitro, before experimenting with animal models,” Dr. Zanello told NWN.RSS feed of Nano World News

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