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Nanocatalyst Looks To Give Your Car a Boost

Nanoparticle-based catalysts developed by Rice University would help oil refineries make gasoline processing more clean and efficient
Rice Professor Michael Wong and his research team have spent several years finding the right catalyst mix of active tungsten oxide nanoparticles and inert zirconia. They discovered the key is to disperse the nanoparticles on the the zirconia support structure at the right surface coverage. The research team believes that producing the catalyst should be clear-cut for the oil and gas industry. Dr. Wong notes in the release, "Because we're not developing a whole new process – just a component of it – refineries should be able to plug this into their systems without much disruption.” The nanocatalyst was developed by Rice University in collaboration with laboratories at Lehigh University, the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, and the DCG Partnership of Texas. RSS feed of Nano World News

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