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Venture Profile: NaugaNeedles LLC

The mission of NaugaNeedles is to provide specialized nano-force sensors and nano-bio tools for university researchers and industrial research and development (R&D) groups.

President: Mehdi Yazdanpanah
Location: Kentucky, US
Industry: Nanofabrication, Advanced Materials
Venture is: Seed Level

Overview Courtesy of Amir Birjandi, NaugaNeedles

NaugaNeedles™ LLC is a high tech company based in Louisville Kentucky, which was founded in 2007, after its founders invented a new cost effective nanofabrication method. This revolutionary fabrication method can be used to mass produce specialized conductive nano-force and nano-bio sensors, called Needle-Probes™, at a fraction of the price. Needle-Probes™ are predicted to create new applications and products in a rapidly growing market of nano-sensors. NaugaNeedles™ intends to commercialize this breakthrough technology and fabricate a new generation of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) probes.

The company has developed a nanofabrication technology to grow conductive constant diameter, silver-gallium (Ag¬2¬Ga) nanoneedles, at any preferred location (e.g. SPM Probe tips) and orientation. Nanoneedles can be fabricated with lengths from 1 to 100 micrometers and 25 to 1000 nm in diameter. Based on this technology, five categories of products have been fully developed and are ready for commercialization. It is believed that the technology has unexplored applications which NaugaNeedles’ goal is to discover through its research and development. The University of Louisville has filed for a patent and NaugaNeedles has signed an exclusive license agreement with UofL to mass produce the Needle-Probes TM and future enhances the Needle-Probe™ technology.

NaugaNeedles' business model is designed to generate maximum profit without the need for large capital expenditures. The company plans to raise an additional $500,000 in the second round of fund raising. NaugaNeedles also has a strong R&D program and has applied for an NIH-STTR program to further develop the Needle-Probe technology.


Figure: Final packaging of Needle-Probes. (a) Ten Needle-Probes ™ have been stored in a "Gel pack" box. (b,c) SEM image of a Needle-Probe ™with (b) ~2000X magnification and (c) ~ 10,000X. (d) The box is packed in a plastic bag. The final package has been depicted next to a quarter for size comparison.

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