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Venture Profile: Cambridge Biomagnetics

Cambridge Biomagnetics (CBM) aims to provide a range of solutions to enable next generation biochemical assays with high speed and reliability in a true multiplexed manner. CBM is utilising its platform technology for magnetically tagging vast numbers of chemical and biological compounds for a plethora of applications covering the life sciences and diagnostic industries.

CEO: T. Mitrelias
Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Industry: Biotech/Pharma
Venture is: Seed Level

Venture Overview Courtesy of T. Mitrelias, Cambridge Biomagnetics

Our unique solid state magnetic technology offers truly integrated "lab-on-a-chip" devices, and we are developing low cost, portable, multi-analyte biosensors for multiplexed high throughput screening in the health care, chemical and biodefence industries. The generic digital tagging technology, based on miniaturised digital magnetic tags, offers the flexibility of customizing products depending on the applications of the end users.

CBM's near term strategy is to develop a range of miniaturised magnetic lab-on-a-chip devices combining microfluidic channels with magnetic sensors. These devices could address a variety of market needs, such as allergy testing and screening for infectious and autoimmune diseases, or for cancer and cardiac biomarkers, to name but a few. Moreover, we envisage applications in other market segments, such as screening of oil or food samples for contaminants or pathogens.

Dr. Thanos Mitrelias, CEO and co-founder of Cambridge Biomagnetics Limited, tells NWN, “Our platform technology offers unique benefits, such as the ability to fabricate low cost miniaturised devices for the rapid and accurate screening of biochemical samples, for the presence of a vast range of target compounds in a single test. As an example, using our multi-bit devices which are under development, screening for the human papillomavirus (a global market of about $180 million) could be rapidly performed in a single experiment in order to identify the 15 strains associated with cancer out of about 39 strains.”

Dr. Mitrelias tells NWN that the company has recently been awarded a grant from the East of England Development Agency to undertake a market assessment to identify and quantify market needs and applications for our platform technology. The company is looking for A round investment and actively pursuing partnerships and collaborations with companies and/or academic groups engaged in molecular diagnostics and testing. “CBM is in a unique position to transfer knowledge from the magnetic storage industry and apply it to the life sciences arena,” said Dr Theodossis Trypiniotis, CSO and co-founder. “The magnetics technology will enable a whole new range of diagnostic devices.”

Cambridge Biomagnetics

A schematic diagram of the magnetic device showing the detection of the magnetic tags in flow in microfluidic channels.

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