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R&D Profile: Nanotechnology, Contribution of Fraunhofer IZM, Department SIIT: R. Aschenbrenner, Fraunhofer

The basis for the use of nanotechnologies in microelectronic packaging is the synergetic connection of the typical nano-disciplines physics and chemistry with biology and different engineering sciences in order to develop production technologies, which are suitable for nano integration.

Rolf Aschenbrenner

R&D Overview Provided By Rolf Aschenbrenner, Head of Chip Interconnection Technologies Department, Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration Berlin (IZM).

Dr. Aschenmbrennar is a featured speaker at next month’s NSTI Nanotech conference.

The main topics for the so-called nano packaging are the integration of digital electronics, photonics, high frequency ICs and biological functionality into a monolithic system and the realization of solutions for contacting of nano-scale structures. These topics are embedded into an infrastructure, which includes the handling and processing of components, materials and adapted analytics:

  • “Nano Materials”, e. g. nano particles, nano composites und nano-structured surfaces
  • “Nano Processes”, e. g. self assembly of 2- and 3D structures, handling and dispersing of nano particles, contacting at low temperatures by bonding of nano-structured surfaces
  • “Nano Tools”, e. g. analytics, modelling and simulation of nano materials and processes

Packaging Technologies for nano electronics


REM pictures of a UBM for modified by carbon nano tubes (CNTs) for contacts with tight pitch and minimal thickness


REM pictures: a) through SiO2 nano particles optimized encapsulation materials – the bimodale filling material dispersion is marked by the combination of nano-scale and µ-scale particles. b) through bentonites and SiO2 particles modified encapsulation material for the optimization of moistures diffusion charecteristics.

When focusing on production technologies, the main research emphasizes are the development of lower-cost nano assembly processes suitable for mass production and the necessary tools for process controlling and the evaluation of the reliability. Examples for the use of nano technology are shown in picture 1 with a presentation of possible packaging technologies for nano-optimized contacting, in picture 2 with the use of CNTs for the optimization of miniaturization contacts and in picture 3 with the use of nano-scale filling materials for the increase of the filling degree for the optimization of the extension coefficient or rather by adding of bentonites for the improvement of the moisture barrier characteristics in an encapsulation material.

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