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IP Profile: Filterless Color Imaging Sensor

A filterless color image sensor that consists of a pixel having three electrodes that can discriminate between the 3 colors (RGB) without any filter allowing direct image reconstruction.

Organization: Univalor
Lead Research University: École Polytechnique de Montréal
Industry Market: Electronics
Technology Contact: Didier Leconte, Univalor, Canada

With electronic going smaller and feature richer content, the current choice for image sensors is a balance between cost and size on one hand, and resolution and sensitivity in the other. This technology, simple and easy to implement, represents a different way of designing and manufacturing image sensors, although it is based on common CMOS based manufacturing process. It offers the potential for reducing the size of sensors and improving their sensitivity while being designed for low-cost mass manufacturing.

Didier Leconte of Univalor tells NWN, “The technology proposed has been proven in laboratory. We have identified several barriers for industrialization, the first one being the investment for mass producing such invention, thus putting pressure on clearly defining the current limits (resolution, size) of the technology. Current development activity seeks to address these questions.” While they have already established a partnership with a major company to develop and mature the technology, they are seeking collaboration with potential partners interested in fast deployment of the technology. “Along with our industry partner, we envision the creation of a new venture,” notes Mr. Leconte.

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