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Plastic Knowledge

Richard Simon tells Nano World News about his company’s latest updates, including a name change, from Silk Displays to Plastic Knowledge.

CEO: Richard Simon
Location: Montreal, Canada
Industry: Materials
Venture is: A-Round

The company’s name change “was undertaking to draw attention to the fact that what underpins our company’s innovations in the display area is really connected with the successes the company has had in embedding electronics (functional electronic “knowledge”, if you will) in plastic, “smart plastic”TM, actually,” Dr. Simon tells NWN. The narrower focus on displays emerges from a broader foundation in electronics on plastic and therefore connects with the emerging “flexible electronics industry”.

Plastic Knowledge

Plastic Knowledge has recently joined the Centre for Microelectronics Manufacturing (CAMM), attached to both SUNY Binghampton and Endicott Interconnect (the former IBM facility). CAMM is backed by the U.S. Flexible Electronics and Display Consortia, and Plastic Knowledge is bringing its expertise in plastic films, nanostructured semiconductors, nanocomposite barrier films and nanoparticle inks into play in the CAMM environment. “Plastic Knowledge has taken a “hybrid” electronics approach, long before the term became fashionable,” said Dr. Simon. This means that the company chose to go with conventional, reliable, high purity inorganic semiconductor materials and conventional conductors to build transistors, gate and data lines, among other things, but to hybridize these with a “smart plastic”TM (the organic component).

In the long term, Plastic Knowledge is agnostic to materials and processes, and will use whatever it concludes will lead to a competitive advantage.

Perhaps the big breakthrough for us this year has been the fabrication of a curved, color plastic liquid crystal display. The company has opted for an electronic control architecture that allows it to reduce by two thirds the number of transistors used in the display, to eliminate the color filter, make a bigger and brighter pixel through the use of RGB LEDs as well. The company also has several new patents in the works.

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