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Novel Nano-Fiber Created by University Researchers Shows Promise for Various Industries

Researchers from Ohio State University have developed a new method for making customized films of nano plastic fibers for possible use in various products, ranging from self-cleaning surfaces to transparent electronic devices.
A drop of water balances perfectly on a film of plastic nanofibres.

A drop of water balances perfectly on a plastic surface invented by researchers at Ohio State University. Photo by Jo McCulty, courtesy of Ohio State University.

The surfaces created by the research team appear to look flat, but when viewed under a high-powered microscope, the surface contains a bed of fibers that can be manipulated based on the need. For example, the researchers were able to coat the fibers to attract water in one experiment, and create fibers to repel water in another. The research team was led by Dr. Arthur Epstein, Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry and Physics, and Director of the Institute for Magnetic and Electronic Polymers at the Ohio State University.

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