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University Researchers Create Innovative Nanoparticles For Use In Gene Therapy for Breast Cancer

Professor Mansoor Amiji and graduate student Sushma Kommareddy of Northeastern University have been looking at the potential of engineered gelatin-based nanoparticles to deliver treatment to human breast cancer tumors, and have released their initial findings this month.
The researchers have shown that nanoparticles - or nanovectors – are a safe and effective gene delivery vehicle that slows solid tumor growth. Dr. Amiji has seen promising results so far in the pre-clinical studies, and believes clinical trials can begin soon.

Dr. Mansoor Amiji is co-chair of the upcoming CancerNano 2007 Symposium, taking place at Nanotech 2007 in Santa Clara, California. Dr. Amiji is a leading advocate for using nanotechnology to fight diseases (see, and we are pleased to have Dr. Amiji as one of our featured speakers. To learn more about Nanotech 2007, please visit:

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