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I2BF and RUSNANO Capital Announce Strategic Resources Fund to Invest in Later Stage Nanotechnology Companies
07/19/12 09:00 AM EST
Fund has $50 Million+ Commitment from Partners, with a Total Fund Number of $150M.

Zyvex Marine’s Proprietary Nanocomposite System Incorporated into Long Range Vessel LRV-17
07/19/12 09:00 AM EST
LRV-17 is designed for maximum fuel efficiency and sea stabilization

CTSI Announces Top 17 Defense Energy Technology Solutions
07/18/12 09:00 AM EST
Companies to present in Honolulu at the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo August 13-15.

Dripping Faucets Inspire New Way of Creating Structured Particles
07/18/12 09:00 AM EST
Researchers find new method for making spherical particles, from nanoscale to pinhead-sized — including complex beach-ball-like shapes.

CTSI Announces Top 17 Defense Energy Technology Solutions
07/18/12 09:00 AM EST
Companies to Present in Honolulu at Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit, August 13-15

Man-made Pores Mimic Important Features of Natural Pores
07/17/12 09:00 AM EST
Inspired by nature, researchers design tiny, synthetic pores that mimic important features of cellular ion channels and other molecular channels.

Success in Self-Assembly of Quantum Dots with World’s Highest Density
07/13/12 09:00 AM EST
Will Further Accelerate Research toward Realization of High Performance Quantum Dot Devices

Tokyo Institute of Technology Researchers Develop Eco-Friendly, Blue-Fluorescent Molecular Nanocapsules
07/12/12 09:00 AM EST
Nanocapsules created through a simple mix of ‘green-environmentally friendly’ metal ions and bent organic blocks.

Innovation Spotlight: Mike Nemeth of Zyvex Technologies Talks About Commercialization
06/27/12 11:32 AM EST
Mike Nemeth, Director of Commercial and Defense Applications at Zyvex Technologies, took a few moments to discuss commercialization with TechConnect.

DOE Issues FOA For Energy Innovation HUB For Critical Materials Research
06/08/12 09:20 AM EST
On May 31, DOE issued a FOA for an Energy Innovation HUB for Critical Materials. Critical materials are materials important to our country but that have supply restrictions.

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