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Corporate Spotlight Interview: Bob Barker Company
05/17/16 04:09 PM EST
TechConnect speaks to Greg Omland, Vice President of Innovation, about the importance of innovation to Bob Barker Company.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Medtronic
05/02/16 08:09 AM EST
TechConnect speaks to Michael Hill, Vice President of R&D at Medtronic, about the importance of innovation and their participation at this month's TechConnect-National Innovation Summit in DC.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Cummins, Inc.
04/25/16 08:33 AM EST
TechConnect speaks with Roger England, Director - Materials Science & Technology at Cummins, Inc. about his company's technology areas of interest.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Bemis Company, Inc.
04/20/16 11:11 AM EST
Kevin Nelson, Fellow at Bemis Company, Inc., speaks with TechConnect about their technology areas of interest.

TechConnect Announces National Innovation Showcase Participants, Washington DC, May 23-25, 2016
03/31/16 07:04 AM EST
Accelerating the commercialization of American innovation, the co-located National Innovation Summit and National SBIR/STTR Conference features start-ups, labs, universities and federal agencies for technology and funding prospecting opportunities.

Development of Technologies for Sensing, Analyzing, and Utilizing Novel Subsurface Signals in Support of the Subsurface Technology and Engin
03/29/16 08:15 AM EST
Deadline: May 5, 2016

03/29/16 08:12 AM EST
Deadline: July 22, 2016

DoC, NOAA: FY 2016 Joint Technology Transfer Initiative
03/29/16 08:09 AM EST
Deadline: April 29, 2016

NOAA: Education, Training and Capacity Development for Weather, Water and Climate Forecasting (ETCD)
03/29/16 08:05 AM EST
Deadline: May 20, 2016

Corporate Spotlight Interview: GAF
03/29/16 07:57 AM EST
TechConnect speaks to Dan Boss, Vice President, R&D, about his company's technology areas of interest.

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About Nano TechConnect News

Nano TechConnect News is a monthly newsletter that seeks to inform the broad range of professionals representing the multi-disciplinary and multi-sector community integrated by nanotechnology. Each issue focuses on the research, development and business of nanotechnology and its numerous pulling industries. In some cases, our writers and reporters take a deep look into a timely and influential topic, while in others we provide a snapshot of significant advancements or actions that are deemed to be important to the community when considered through a broad market view.

The articles featured demonstrate how nanotechnology takes a collaborative effort from all members of the ecosystem to address large world markets and challenges.