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Pixelligent Technologies Receives 2012 Innovator of the Year Award from The Daily Record

By: Jennifer Rocha

Pixelligent Technologies has been an invited venture company presenter for several years at the annual TechConnect World conference.

The Maryland-based Daily Record publication has been in the reporting business for more than 100 years.  The annual Innovator of the Year Awards began in 2002 as a way to recognize Maryland-based companies and individuals for their innovative spirit-“creating new products, programs, services, or processes that have helped their companies, industries, or communities.”

Pixelligent Technologies is an innovator in manufacturing high-quality nanocrystal additives and polymer nanocomposites for the electronics, industrial, and military markets.  The company’s Zirconia and Hafnia nanocrystals are used to magnify the optical, electronic, thermal, and mechanical properties of numerous polymer systems. 

The company is actively developing applications with various partners, ranging from small technology-focused companies to Fortune 1000 companies.  The company recently expanded their manufacturing facility in Maryland to 13,000+ sq. ft. and have more than doubled the size of their workforce.

Pixelligent Technologies was featured in the 2012 TechConnect World release, noting “TechConnect has proven to be our most productive conference in terms of meeting potential customers and partners.”  To learn more about TechConnect World 2013, to be held May 13-16 in Washington, D.C., visit:

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