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Fujitsu Expands Lineup of Contactless Palm Vein Authentication Devices

By: Jennifer Rocha

Achieves world's smallest and slimmest palm vein authentication sensor design

Story content courtesy of Fujitsu, JP

Fujitsu and Fujitsu Frontech Limited announced the development of PalmSecure-SL, the world’s smallest and slimmest(1) contactless palm vein authentication sensor.

Measuring 48.0 mm wide, 48.0 mm long, and 16.4 mm wide, Fujitsu’s new technology achieves the world’s smallest and slimmest design for a palm vein sensor, approximately one-fourth the volume of existing products.  This allows users to perform authentication simply by placing their palm lightly over the sensor, instead of by using fixed guide rails for holding the user’s hand motionless over the sensor as before, thereby enabling convenient operations.

The new device incorporates camera stabilization and guideless authentication functionality, as well as a power-saving mode. Apart from enabling the effective
utilization of desk space, these features allow the technology to be effortlessly operated even in mobile applications.

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