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NEC Electronics and Toshiba Announce Plan to Collaborate on Development of 45-nm System for Fundamental CMOS Process Technology

Two of the largest semiconductor companies have agreed to work together on the development of LSI technology for the 45-nanometer generation. NEC and Toshiba are both currently producing system-chips using 90-nm manufacturing, but have yet to move to the next generation. The development of fundamental CMOS process technology will take place at Toshiba’s Advance Microelectronics Center in Yokohama. Advances in semiconductor process technologies are becoming more expensive and complex over time, and this agreement means both companies can now share these burdens and accelerate technology advancements. The collaboration will not be limited to LSI technology development. NEC and Toshiba look to take their partnership further; they have begun discussing the formation of a comprehensive alliance that would include sharing knowledge on its newly developed technologies, from design and product development through to manufacturing. Many analysts view this alliance as the start of the reorganization of the semiconductor industry.

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