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European Project Creates More Affordable Imprint Lithography Machine

A multi-year, European Union (EU) funded research project has created an imprint lithography machine for sub-50-nanometer work. Currently, cutting-edge commercial optical lithography machines can cost upwards of $20 million or more, but the EU-funded group created a machine for under $250,000 U.S. The European pilot tool is targeted for use in producing nanotech devices at universities and research institutions, but will eventually be introduced to the mainstream semiconductor and nanotechnology industries. The European process looks to be similar to that used by Molecular Imprints, Inc (MII), which is based in Austin, TX, USA. MII currently offers commercial Step and Flash Imprint machines.

Molecular Imprints will be one of the companies presenting its latest advances in nanoscale commercialization at the NSTI’s Nano Impact Summit, taking place Wednesday, October 19th in Washington, D.C. MII will join other leading companies in giving exclusive presentations to attendees about its success in the nanotechnology market. For more information and to register for the Summit, please visit

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