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CNT Displays Are Progressing to Greatly Enhance Consumer Products

Carbon nanotube (CNT) displays are marching towards revolutionizing color displays for televisions. A high-resolution, 25-inch carbon nanotube (CNT) color television has recently been created by Applied Nanotech, Inc. By using CNTs, it eliminates the “ghost images” often seen in large plasma and LCD TVs. The television specs include 280 x 200 pixels, a 22-inch viewing area, and 25-inch diagonal glass substrate. Applied Nanotech, Inc. collaborated with 6 Japanese display component manufacturers for the TV demonstration.

In early spring, Motorola Labs, the applied research division of Motorola, Inc. [NYSE: MOT] unveiled an operable, 5-inch color video display based on proprietary carbon nanotube technology. This breakthrough could create large, flat panel displays with outstanding quality, a longer operating life, as well as bring down costs of other current offerings. The revolutionary flat panel display is possible because of Motorola Labs’ Nano Emissive Display (NED) technology, which is a scalable way to grow CNTs onto glass to enable an energy efficient design that excels at emitting electrons. Motorola Labs will present next month at the NSTI Nano Impact Summit, an exclusive one-day showcase of top businesses demonstrating nanotech-based commercial and product maturity. The Summit will take place on Wednesday, October 19 in Washington, D.C. For more information about the Summit program and its presenters, please visit:

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