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GE Global Research Has Developed Optimal Carbon Nanotube, Paving the Way for New Research in Several Industries

GE Global Research, the research organization of General Electric [NYSE: GE], announced the creation of an ideal carbon nanotube diode that operates at the “theoretical limit” (or best possible performance). This newest breakthrough will enable increased functionality in smaller and faster electronic devices. GE’s latest carbon nanotube development is a major improvement from the original nanotube diode device developed last year, and opens the door for new research areas, ranging from renewable energy to electronics.

In speaking to NWN, Dr. Margaret Blohm, Advanced Technology Leader in Nanotechnology, said, “At GE, we define nanotechnology as ‘the ultimate material science.’ GE has always been a materials company at its core, and we see nanotechnology research as a natural extension of what we have been doing for decades - achieving new, material breakthroughs that bring about completely new performance levels for GE products. In a company as big and diverse as GE, our advanced technology program in nanotechnology is applied across multiple scientific disciplines and technology initiatives. Nanotechnology is seen as a 'key enabler' in virtually all of the materials research we do, particularly in energy, health care and security technologies. In transportation, we're investigating new nano engineered metal and ceramic materials that could increase efficiency in airplanes by decreasing the weight of aircraft engines. In health care, we're inventing new nanoparticles to enhance Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). And in security and defense applications, we're developing nanoparticle-based strategies to help detect and identify potential biological terrorist threats.”

In closing, Dr. Blohm said, “GE will continue to invest and increase the scope of its nanotechnology research efforts in the coming years. It is a critical tool in helping us differentiate our products and realize new innovations that could create new business opportunities not yet imagined.”

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