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FEI Begins Shipping Most Advanced Commercial Electron Microscope for Nanotechnology Related Research and Development

This month, FEI unveiled its new scanning/transmission electron microscope (S/TEM) system at the 2005 Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference in Honolulu. Nanotechnology researchers will now have access to the world’s highest resolution microscope, allowing microscopy to be taken to the next stage of discovery of functional materials and pave the way for new discoveries in nanoparticles research. "With research and product development moving rapidly through the nanoscale, the need for ultra high resolution imaging down to the atomic level is rapidly growing in several markets,” said Matt Harris, vice president of marketing for FEI. “Advanced S/TEM applications are proving critical for a broad range of uses. From semiconductor metrology and defect characterization, driven by new 65 and 45 nm devices, to cutting-edge materials research where researchers need to understand the properties and behavior of materials below one Angstrom, the Titan S/TEM will expand old boundaries and achieve new results that were not commercially possible until now.”

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