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UMASS Forms New Nanomedicine Institute

The nanomedicine institute will focus on developing nanostructures for biomedical research. UMASS is no stranger to nanotechnology—its Lowell campus is home to a Nanomanufacturing Center of Excellence. The nanomedicine institute was created with two funds: the UMass President Jack M. Wilson's Science and Technology Initiatives Fund, and the President's Creative Economy Fund. The institute’s team includes researchers from UMASS Amherst (home of the institute), the UMASS Medical School, and UMASS Lowell.

According to the institute, they will initially concentrate on three research areas: engineering fluorescent nanostructures that can be used for tagging proteins to aid in understanding the immune system; engineering of magnetic nanoparticles to remove pathogens such as viruses from blood; and developing biodegradable nanostructures that can help train the immune system to recognize and respond to the malaria parasite.

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