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Imation Tera Angstrom™ Technology – Nanotechnology Applications

Imation last year introduced a revolutionary new magnetic tape technology Tera AngstromTM that will enable high capacity and high transfer rate data cartridges for archiving and backing-up digital data. Tera AngstromTM technology uses nanometer size magnetic metal particulate (MP) pigments and three key processes to enable these high end data storage products: in-line I-MUF technology to enable separation of these nanometer sized pigments in the dispersion used to coat the substrate; quiescent drying and in-line orientation of the pigments in the direction of the coating; and in-line steel calendering using very smooth (Ra < 3 nm) rolls to enable extremely smooth (Ra < 5 nm) magnetic media. This paper describes more details about these unique processes to enable the finished properties of the magnetic media.

Nanotech 2005 Conference Proceedings

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