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Nanotech May Make Needles A Thing of the Past

A Professor at the University of Queensland, Australina was the winner of a $300,000 multi-year Queensland Government Smart State Senior Fellowship. Professor Mark Kendall’s exciting work could eventually replace needles with tiny 'nano patches' on the skin. Professor Mark Kendall told NWN, “There have been tremendous advances in micro-nanofabrication methods that have been key to this technology.  Delivering genes and drugs within cells with devices approaching the nanoscale allows for new levels of precision and minimal damage to cells.”

The ‘nano patches’ to be researched by Professor Kendall are targeting immunologically sensitive cells, and could be used in the treatment of malaria and allergies. Dr. Kendall describes to NWN the promise of 'nano patches:'  “This technology has the potential to be applicable to a range of diseases.  Initially, the focus will be on diseases benefiting from immunotherapeutics, some of which do not currently have adequate treatment.  Examples include DNA vaccination of malaria and HIV.  Also, improved, pain-free, needle-free immunotherapy of asthma.”

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