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Freescale Establishes Microcontroller Roadmap

Freescale Seminconductor’s latest microcontroller roadmap features pin-for-pin compatible 8-bit and 32-bit devices that will share a set of development tools and peripherals. Freescale’s announcement of the RS08 completes the low end of the roadmap. The company plans expansion at the low and high ends of its 8-bit portfolio through introducing more efficient and lower-cost products for microcontroller entrants and improved peripherals and more memory options for 8-bit applications that involve more functionality.

Freescale will also continue to reduce end-user costs in the 32-bit space, and by year’s end, the company plans to introduce pin-for-pin compatible devices that will allow 8-bit designs to upgrade to 32-bit performance and maintain the same peripheral interfaces.

Bruce White, PhD, Manager of Advanced CMOS at Freescale, will participate as a speaker at NSTI Nanotech 2006 Business & Investment Program in Boston. For more information about the Nanotech 2006 Business Program and to register for the conference, visit and

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