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Agilent’s Testers To Be Used By Major Semiconductor Alliance For R&D and Industrialization of CMOS Process Technologies

Agilent Technologies Inc. reports that the Crolles2 Alliance has purchased multiple Agilent testers for research, development and industrialization of CMOS process technologies. The Alliance, which includes Freescale Semiconductor, Philips, and STMicroelectronics, has agreed to a joint development program with Agilent, focused on research of the top test capabilities for nanotechnology engineering and business applications.

Agilent tells NWN that it partnered with the Crolles2Alliance because “For [us], Crolles2 is a strategic account for its business and technology future. Agilent’s semiconductor test strategy is to leverage advanced, innovative test technology on proven, scalable platform architecture. The work at Crolles2 is the perfect proof case in point, with demanding requirements today, and with the clear need for future growth “headroom” in product performance and development roadmap.”

Agilent has seen the market for nano-related products develop over the past decade. The company “believes the nano-tech industry is shifting from the "research/observation" phase to the "characterization" phase. In the next 5-10 years, we will see more technologies move into the "production" phase. Agilent's 25 years of …experience in semiconductor parametric technology will continue to serve nanoscale technology advancement.”

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