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Bayer to Participate in Germany’s “NanoCare” Research Cooperative

This month, Bayer announced it would participate in the “NanoCare” research project, created to further enhance the scientific analysis of nanomaterials. The project, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, will focus on the properties of nanoparticles to ensure that they pose no risk to humans and the environment in chemical materials.

According to Bayer’s press release, the company is very interested in the innovative potential of nanotechnology, which led to its involvement with NanoCare. In addition to Bayer, the NanoCare partnership includes thirteen companies, universities and research institutions. NanoCare will develop standard measuring and test methods that can be utilized to investigate the safety issues related to nanomaterials. The project will also create new nanoparticles and test their effects on humans and the environment.

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