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Epson and Ntera Unveil World’s Highest Resolution Displays at European Conference This Month

Ntera, based in Ireland, has developed working prototypes of what are the world’s highest resolution electronic displays as part of joint endeavor with Epson. The displays feature 200 dpi and 4000 dpi resolution. Ntera developed these prototypes using their visual DNA brand electrochromic display technology.

Epson tells NWN that the company decided to partner with Ntera because “[the] partnership allows us to match Ntera's electrochromic display technology with Epson's inkjet patterning technologies in the development of next-generation displays,” explains Seiko Epson. “The development of next generation display technology is one of Epson's most important research projects.”

While Epson could not disclose its additional research projects that involve nanoscale technologies, Epson informed NWN that the company has used nanotechnology to fabricate various devices using inkjet technology with highly functional inks, and that nanoscale technologies are “key for the good performance of these electronic devices.”

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