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Toshiba and SanDisk Will Invest Up to $2 Billion US In Existing Joint Fab Facility

To keep up with demand for NAND flash-memory devices, SanDisk and Toshiba recently announced that they plan to increase investment and production levels at its 300-mm fab facility in Japan. The ‘Fab 3’ plant is a joint flash-memory venture between Toshiba and SanDisk. Toshiba Corporation tells NWN, "The NAND flash memory market is growing fast on increased demand and is shifting to higher-density devices. Timely, proactive investments will enable us to add production capacity and to promote development of advanced process technologies and industry-leading multi-level cell technologies that will hone our cost competitiveness and allow high-density in the market.”

In addition to increasing production, the investments also include a plan to accelerate process technology for NAND memory from its current level of 90-nm to 52-nm by March 2007. With this new investment and business plan, both companies expect to improve fab capacity up to 70,000 wafers per month by winter 2007.

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