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Advanced Particle Beam Technologies for Nano Characterization and Fabrication

Nanotechnology developments focus on materials and life science functionality at the very small scale, created by the local structure and interactions of the materials involved. Essential for understanding this local functionality is the visualization and the material-analysis of the nano-structures. In particular the 3-dimensional information at the nano and micro scale is an important way to characterize the material. This can be achieved by using high-resolution TEM tomography and by 3D slice and view applications of a DualBeam system, where its FIB column is used for milling and its SEM column for viewing and analysis. The DualBeam tool can also be used for the actual fabrication of nano scale structures by patterned ion beam milling, electron and ion beam induced depositions and electron beam lithography. The deposition technique offers direct deposition by control of a materials growth process from a gas phase and offers both high resolution and control of the growth in the third dimension.

Nanotech 2005 Conference Proceedings

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