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New Nanotechnology Index Has Been Created to Meet Growing Demand From Investors

The new Nanotechnology Index (Ticker: TNY) was created in partnership by The International Securities Exchange (ISE) and Cronus Capital Markets (CCM). “Clearly, nanotechnology has gained recognition more recently as an important investment sector, observes Bruce Goldberg of the ISE. “Given the impact of nanotechnology on society as a whole…the Index provides an opportunity for investors to track and participate in the growth of this emerging growth sector.”

The Nanotech Index will include some of the largest and most mature nanotechnology companies in the marketplace. Michael Soni of CCM tells NWN, “Companies in the ISE-CCM Nanotechnology Index were chosen based on their relative involvement in working with Nanotechnology from the perspective of creating or improving products and services in the marketplace...[including] FEI Company, Accelrys, and MTC Systems.”

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