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Nanotechnology-Enabled Automobile Industry, Which Includes Fuel Cell Development, Will Increase Market Share More Than 500% Within 10 Years

NSTI Nanotech 2006 Will Feature New Symposium on Energy and Fuel

In the automotive sector, there is a growing demand for nanoscale technologies because of its high performance and efficiency, and in safety and emissions standards. In a recent nanotechnology market report by RNCOS, its research shows that the nanotechnology enabled automotive industry currently has a 15% stake in the market, and could reach a high of 84% by 2015, or close to $7 billion.

Last fall, NWN spoke with Mr. John Ginder, Acting Manager, Physical and Environmental Sciences Department for Research and Advanced Engineering at Ford Motor Company, who observed, β€œβ€œIn light of the broad scope of many nanotechnologies, and the billions of dollars being poured into nanoscale research by governments and industries worldwide, we expect that the impact of nanotechnology on our business could be quite significant.” [To view the full NWN article, visit

The NSTI Nanotech 2006 will feature a special symposium on Energy Technologies & Applications, which will include Fuel Sources & Exploration, Energy Conversion, and Fuel Refinement. To learn more about the Symposium and the more than 25 technical conferences to be held at Nanotech 2006, please visit

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